Econometrics 1 is one of the hardest courses of the bachelor Econometrics. We composed a special program that completely prepares you for your exam within just 15 hours. Job will guide you through the material in 5 sessions of 3 hours each.


About Job:

Job is a master student Econometrics and has been tutoring for the more than 2 years now. His favourite subjects are Econometric and data science related subjects. Last year the students gave him a 9 for teaching the 12-course Econometrics 1!


Location: Online 


Because of our partnership with the study association VSAE, all members get a discount by filling in the discount code found on their website.

Econometrics 1 (Resit) - Group 1

€ 221,10Prijs
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  • Small or Large Group Tutoring (partners)

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