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Mathematics 1 appears to be an obstacle for lots of students. In order to guarantee that you can make the good start needed to be well prepared for the courses following Mathematics 1, we composed a special program that completely prepares you for your retake within just 12 hours. You will make a start with Justin in 4 separate sessions of 3 hours as you will need to master a lot of different skills and definitions and proofs need to sink in.


About Justin

You may know Justin from the mentor lessons of Mathematics 1. Justin is a master student Econometrics. He has been tutoring for several years by now and is a teaching assistant for Programming, Probability and Statistics 3 and Econometrics 2 at the University of Amsterdam. 


General information

Location: Amstel 62

Language: The 12-course will be given in Dutch if all students are Dutch. If not, the 12-course will be given in English. 

Discount: All VSAE members get a special first year discount on this course. You can find the discount on Mijn VSAE.



Mathematics 1: Calculus - Resit

€ 106,80Prijs
Preferred group size
Preferred language
  • Small or Large Group Tutoring (partners)